Colorado's winter weather strikes I-25 again as another crash closed the state's largest and busiest interstate between Highway 34 and Highway 402 in Loveland today.

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Crash Closes I-25 At Highway 34 In Loveland

The southbound lanes of I-25 at Highway 34 were closed down on Wednesday after the slick winter weather conditions caused a major jam involving a semi-truck. The closure was between Highway 34 and the 402 exits.  Here are the updates from Colorado State Patrol as they worked on clearing up the jackknifed semi-mess.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries in the wreck that caused the closure, so the biggest issue was the inconvenience of the closure itself. It's amazing how many people just cruise down the highway when the weather is bad like their vehicle is that special kind that has that built-in "don't slide on the ice" button. I was heading home from the Colorado Eagles game last night and there were plenty of crazies out on the slick I-25. I certainly wasn't going the normal 65-75 and it took me almost an hour to get home vs. the normal 30 minutes on a normal game night.

Driving my daughter to work earlier, the Firestone police were trying to pull a pick-up truck out of the ditch. I'm not even too sure how that driver got that far off of the road but one could safely guess they were simply going too fast.  You don't need to go 10 miles per hour with your flashers on in the middle of the road, but you need to take a bit more time. A little late getting somewhere is better than a lot late after sliding off the road and crashing, or potentially never arriving at all. More snow is on the way this season so be patient, take your time, and get to where you're going safely. Especially if you have innocent passengers in the car with you.

As of this writing, I-25 is back open but speeds are slow. Drive safe out there, NoCo!

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