High school basketball returned to the courts this month and Union Colony Prep junior guard Trey Summers made a powerful first impression.

Summers scored 24 points, grabbed six rebounds and forced seven steals in the Timberwolves' season-opening 59-45 victory over Prairie.

For his efforts, Summers is this week's Townsquare Media High School MVP.

Here's a Q&A with the junior, who will be back in action later this week against Akron and Fleming.

How excited are you to have basketball back?

I am very excited to back playing. I get to play this game that I grew up playing and I get to play with a group that I have grown up with.

What's the Union Colony boys team like this year?

We have a lot of potential. We have some great pieces and a great coach to help us accomplish our goals. We practice hard and it should show in our season.

What's your pregame routine?

My pregame starts the night before. I like to watch film on the team we are playing and our own film. I try to find the things we can do to counter the team we are playing. My pregame food consist of PB&J. When school gets out I like to get some shots and free throws in before we begin.

What's your favorite food?

PB&J and spaghetti, not together.

What's your favorite TV Show?

No favorite TV show. I like to spend my time in the gym.

What's your favorite Music? 

My music is hype music like Joyner Lucas.


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