Because screw love, #amirite? Sure, couple's costumes can be clever and creative, but that kind of brings you down when you don't have a significant other. With Tour de Fat coming up on Saturday, September 3 in Fort Collins, why not share these cute ideas with the real special someone in your life -- your dog!

New Belgium says:

'We LOVE dogs, we really do…however, we encourage people to make the best decision for their animals. It can be a really long, hot, crowded day with little shade, but typically a rough experience for the pups.'

We agree with this fully! Our costume ideas are recommendations only for the bike parade portion of Tour de Fat, not the entire day-long festival.  Also, ALL of these ideas are for small dogs who can ride along with you in a front basket, away from the risk of being hit or run over by another bike -- so keep that in mind! Only bring your pal along if you think they can handle it.




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