With the holiday season upon us, what better way to celebrate than with the gift that lasts "forever"; a tattoo.  It is the perfect thing to remember a time in your life, to symbolize something important in your life or just make yourself that much more unique. One of the great things about living in Fort Collins is the plethora of great tattoo shops. So without further adu, I present to you my top 5 places (there are just too many great places to name), in no particular order, to get yourself tatted. Here are the best places to get a tattoo in Fort Collins.


5.Runic Body Art

Runic was founded in 2009 by Body Piercer Jason Van Tatenhove and Tattoo Artist Robzilla.

Our partnership is the core of our shop. We wanted to create a shop that was creative, clean and professional and most importantly a more comfortable experience for our customers.

When a friend of mine was visiting from out of town,  they transformed a previously regrettable tattoo into a piece of artwork, sending her back home with a little piece of Fort Collins.

Runic Body Art is located at 824 S. College Ave and you can reach them at 970-449-4695.  Click here for more info!


4. La Familia Tattoo

La Familia was opened in the summer of 2008 and is an extension of the well-known Tribal Rites family. As a space determined to making people's ideas a reality, the studio is dedicated to the art of tattooing.

La Familia's artwork can be found not only on skin but on paper as well, being seen around town, and you can view their artist's profiles HERE.

La Familia is located at 636 S. College Ave and you can schedule an appointment at 970-493-4119


3. Freakshow Tattoo

Freakshow is a long time favorite of the CSU campus. They are known for their creative concepts, and putting ideas into motion. Their books have some extremely unique ideas, so if you are not sure on what kind of piece to get, their friendly staff will be more that happy to find something for you.

Freakshow is located at 1232 W. Elizabeth. Give them a call 970-482-7469 and check out their artists HERE


2. Millennium

MGLA or Millennium Gallery of Living Art - Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio was established in 1995 by Tim Corley and Heide Unger. That is 16 years of tattooing! One of the great things to love about Millennium is that not only is it a Fort Collins tradition, but a family tradition. Unique to Millennium is the fact that most of the staff is actually related, and extremely personable.

Millennium carries both experience and reputation, and can be found at 211 Jefferson St. Call them to schedule your ink at 970-482-8282. Click HERE for more info


1. Tribal Rites

Tribal Rites believes in educating customers, and involving them in the process without any pressure to go a certain direction. The shop was founded on the principle that the art comes first, and even though it is a business, money comes second.

This past summer I accompanied my girlfriend as she sat in one of their chairs for a tattoo that took 4 hours (just for the first round). It was a great experience to witness one of their artists in action, and the end results were truly remarkable.

Not only is it the Tribal Rites belief to educate their patrons, they travel the country attending conventions to both showcase their work, and educate themselves.

Tribal Rites is at 632 S. College. Make your appointment at 970-221-9712

More Info HERE


Don't forget to put a tattoo on your Christmas list this year and visit one of the best places to get a tattoo in Fort Collins!

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