Today is a big day in the Goldberg household. Two years ago today my wife went into surgery to have a brain tumor removed and here's our story...

I know I joke around a lot on the air regarding my wife, but she has always been one of the strongest, most caring people I have ever met. Not only is she a fantastic mother with an amazing sense of humor, she also handled her diagnoses with grace and faith. This is a woman who puts up with my craziness every day with a smile and has been paying for people's food in the drive through in the car behind her for years.

Seven years ago, we received the diagnoses that she had a brain tumor and that it was too dangerous to operate and that they would try to treat it with medication. My wife affectionately named her tumor "Percy" and looked him right in the eye and wasn't going to back down. After several ups and downs with medication that they said would not allow us to have any more children, we were blessed with a surprise of getting pregnant. My wife had to stop taking her medication because of the pregnancy, and after our second daughter was born we started back up with the treatment. Unfortunately the "Percy" had grown significantly in size resulting in doctors changing the direction of the treatment and rushing us into surgery. With the updated information, a smile on her face, and with confidence my wife walked into the mall in Colorado Springs and cut off all her hair and donated it to Locks of Love. We went home for a good night's rest and the next day she was taken into surgery.

Thankfully the "annexation of Percy" went great and we spent several days in intensive care with me not leaving her side... even with the nurses asking me to leave. Intensive care doesn't allow for 24-hour visitation... but I wasn't going anywhere. I believe I told them to "call security" if they wanted me gone.

Thankfully she is doing great and over the past two years she has gotten stronger and her hair has gotten longer. Our family is also closer than ever. It's amazing how one day some things seem so important, and then the next day your life is turned upside down and there's only one thing you care about. Because of Percy we have an all new appreciation for life and how we spend our days together. As difficult as it was to deal with as a family, on all kinds of levels, Percy made us a better family and people.

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