Colorado may be known for its famous mountain resorts, popular college towns, and touristy travel destinations, but what city does the travel website, Thrillist, call the 'most underrated' in the whole state? 

In their opinion, it's Buena Vista — a city that definitely lives up to its name. With beautiful views, charming vibes, and unlimited access to outdoor adventures, Buena Vista is no doubt one of Colorado's hidden gems. Here's what Thrillist had to say about it:

Two hours southwest of Denver hides this artists’ hamlet boasting the amenities of a mid-sized ski town without the crowds or the prices: hot springs, galleries, cute restaurants. Proximity is one of the biggest draws, as you're right next to places like Leadville and Salida with their historic mine tours and cultural events and hyper-specific historical societies based around trains or pioneering. You're central to any number of white water rafting adventures of gold panning events or to the major Colorado cities. But ultimately, no major attraction here is beckoning visitors. And that gives you the breathing room to just enjoy Buena Vista. Mountain paths link the town to remote cabin villages, fishing preserves, and everything you would want from a Colorado adventure in nature. If you have a family that wants to unplug or if you have a novel you intend to finish: this is the Colorado you want to hunker down in.

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