School districts across the country made a big decision after the start of the pandemic: school must continue, but virtually in order to keep students and teachers safe. This adversely affected students in areas where connection wasn't possible: either internet wasn't available, or it wasn't reliable.

The Thompson School District noticed this disconnect and vowed to change it. Recently, the district was awarded $737,000 from the Connecting Colorado Students Grant program, which will allow them to partner with Pulse, Loveland's community-owned communications utility.

Their official plan? According to a press release, the Thompson School District and Pulse will:

" out infrastructure to students in parts of the Big Thompson Canyon and the Lago Vista Mobile Home Park. These two locations are among TSD’s most underserved areas as they pose geographic challenges that limit access to cabled internet service and strong enough cell phone service necessary to make hotspots a viable option."

This grant money has allowed TSD to become more accessable to their students and provide internet to areas in their community who need it.

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