There are many people throughout the state of Colorado who are feel free to show off their bodies when they can. Well there is one spot in Colorado where being nude is the focus.

Let me introduce you to the Mountain Air Ranch, which is located in Littleton on South Mica Mine Gulch Road. Judging by the photo of the entrance to the road that I found on Google Maps, you wouldn't think that there was a nudist colony right up this road.

Credit: Google Maps

So that's what the entrance to the road looks like. But they say that the Mountain Air Ranch is a great place to shed the clothing and the "associated labels" that comes with it, so you are definitely free to be yourself here.

The one thing to keep in mind with the Mountain Air Ranch is that they are open to people of all ages, including your kids, so you won't always have peaceful adult time at this location.

Mountain Air Ranch offers different levels of pricing for their visitors, including annual membership fees and rental cabin pricing.

Need something to do while you're trying to be clothing free? It looks like the Mountain Air Ranch has all the amenities covered, including a pool, exercise area, fitness equipment, and courts for different athletics.

They also have a kids playground and kids room that has video games, foosball, and an air hockey table.

Mountain Air Ranch has received mainstream coverage throughout the state of Colorado as well, as evidenced by this story that CBS 4 Denver did about the resort back in 2012.

Want an added plus? They also do a Bocce tournament at the Mountain Air Ranch in the summertime. So you could be competitive while being "free" this summer. There's nothing better than that...right?

Wonder if this guy ever played Bocce in the nude?

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If you're interested in having your entire family become members at the Mountain Air Ranch, you can call (303) 697-4083 or toll-free 1-877-try-nude (1-877-879-6833).

Their exact address is 8796 South Mica Mine Gulch Road in Littleton.

Credit: Google Maps