This Memorial Day Weekend, honor the hero in your life with Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary Club (FCBRC) at their second annual Field of Honor American Flag Display.

With a field of 500 flags and Medallions honoring local heroes, this event is sure to embody the spirit of the weekend.

The Field of Honor is set to happen just north of Veterans Plaza at Spring Canyon Park in Fort Collins from May 27-30.

FCBRC Volunteer Kathy Miner, and the beneficiary of the display, Health 4 Heroes Co-Founder Mary Scott, told "Tuned In to NoCo" that this event will be a great addition to the Veteran's Plaza memorial day celebration, and they want you there.

Each flag displayed will be accompanied by a labeled medallion specifically dedicated to a hero, and Miner says they can be purchased to honor military and personal heroes as well.

"A hero could be a veteran, a first responder, a policeman, a fire fighter, a teacher, a medical worker. It could also be a personal hero. We have had people buy medallions to honor family members or dear friends that maybe have been through something and came through it heroically."

Scott says she had the opportunity to visit the field last year, and it truly was a powerful experience.

" I had a chance to walk the field of those 500 flags and hear the sound of the medallions blowing in the wind...that was probably one of the most powerful things I've ever done. It's hard to explain unless you're standing in that field what it's like, but you feel to me the spirits of everyone who is being honored there. It's definitely a beautiful event."

You can purchase a medallion for the hero in your life for just $50 online or at the event.

For more information on how to buy a medallion, donate or volunteer click here.

To listen to the full Interview, check out the link below.

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