The state of Colorado is well known nationally for it's love of beer and the great skiing. But what it also should be known for is the great breakfast spots in the state.

My wife and I recently took a two night mini-vacation as we headed to the Manitou Springs area for our 12th wedding anniversary. On the way, we wanted to grab a great breakfast in the Denver area to get us filled up for the drive down south.

The target location that we focused on? A relatively young restaurant that we heard about on television last week called Onefold Breakfast and Coffee, located at 1420 E 18th Avenue in Denver.

Why did we make this the first stop on our getaway? Here's the deal - When you see that a restaurant serves up a breakfast item that is BACON FRIED RICE, you jump at the chance to try it out.

Yes. You read that right. BACON FRIED RICE. Need to see a picture of this delectable dish? Here it is and get ready for your stomach to do jumping jacks with excitement.


Credit: Tricia Clapp
Credit: Tricia Clapp

Now, I know you may be distracted by the AWESOME hashbrowns which are also part of this picture. But I want you to think about the BACON FRIED RICE for a moment.

What is included in this amazing dish? What's great about Onefold is that they don't just pile on the ingredients in your meal just because they can. You can tell they only include what they need to, which makes the dish that much more special. With two duckfat fried eggs, tender belly bacon, garlic, green onions, soy sauce, and chili oil, this bacon fried rice is the perfect start to your day and will get your stomach exactly what it needs.

The food at Onefold is made with organic and local ingredients, which is even better because you know you're supporting a thriving local economy.

What else does Onefold have on their menu? While I didn't try everything that day (although I wish I had), just by looking at the food coming out of the kitchen you could tell all of these were winners:

  • Croissant Sandwich (this didn't look like your normal run of the mill breakfast sandwich. It looked HUGE and I heard the person next to me comment how great it was)
  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Breakfast Tacos (Again...home run with these! With tender belly bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and grilled mozzarella cheese, you need to make sure someone in your party tries these!

Of course, they aren't a breakfast spot without great drinks and I tried their Vietnamese Iced Coffee. This is made with organic condensed milk mixed with cold brewed iced coffee. LOVED...IT!

So if you're looking for a new breakfast spot to hit up and you're in the Denver area, make sure you stop by Onefold. I give it five bowls of Bacon Fried Rice out of five possible, so there is no way you can go wrong!

Onefold is open Monday - Friday from 7am - 9pm, Saturday 8am - 9pm, and Sunday 8am - 6pm.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

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