Over the weekend I popped into Ace Hardware to pick up a new CO2 cartridge for the SodaStream my wife got me for Christmas. Wouldn't you know it, as I'm standing in line waiting to check out I spotted one of the great loves of my life that everyone else seems to hate - the sugary, powdery, chalky amazingness that are Necco Wafers.

I know, I know. Most people hate them. But I love them, and I'm proud to say it. I regret nothing. I also love the old Conversation Hearts that come out around Valentine's Day - or used to, anyway - until they introduced that fruity, overly sickly mess they make now. But I digress.

It got me thinking: What are the things about Fort Collins that I might love that others hate? How could there be ANYTHING people hate about Fort Collins? Aside from the occasional train that leaves you stranded or the fact that DQ on College is closed for the winter - thanks to Kama for those suggestions - there really is only things to love about it here, right?

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Well, you'd be surprised. I dug up a thread started by u/Deadpandad on Reddit that would say otherwise.

Here are some things actual people say they hate about Fort Collins:

Matt Schilz/TSM
Matt Schilz/TSM

Poor air quality in the summer due to wildfires.

OK, this comes up a lot throughout the thread and is pretty legit. Imagine how bad things must be in California each summer. The smog AND smoke from wildfires must make it pretty unbearable, but this is a genuine concern all across NoCo certain times of year.

The cost and difficult process of buying a home.

One user writes, "A starter home is $425k, with multiple cash offers above asking price right now." Another chimes in, "sold in hours, not days." The struggle is real, folks.

But it's not limited to Fort Collins. This is everywhere right now, unless you want to live in a tiny town out in the middle of nowhere, and even there real estate is off the charts, just on a smaller scale.

The growth of the area in recent years.

If you have a good thing, you can't keep it a secret forever - am I right?

Alliance via Thinkstock

Poor cell phone signal in many areas of Fort Collins.

I think this goes for every city in America, at least anywhere I go. For example, I have T-Mobile. Ironically the worst cell service I've ever found is right by T-Mobile Park in Seattle, where the Seattle Mariners play. You'd think they would have looked into that before spending big bucks on the naming rights.

Lack of different genres of dining, but no lack of bar food.

I'm not sure I agree with this one, when they say there isn't any dining options for stuff other than bar food. I think maybe they haven't looked hard enough or aren't willing to go off the beaten path of chain restaurants? I do, however, agree there is no lack of bar food. Wings for days in Fort Collins.

Lack of services available for people who work nights.

I'm guessing they mean overnights, and they sleep during the day. That being said, I feel like if I worked overnights I would sleep in the evening, then get up and go to work. Get off work and have my day to do the things they're looking to do, like grocery shop, go to the dentist, etc. But I know what they're saying when they complain someone isn't at the meat counter of a grocery store after a certain time at night.

Getty Stock/Think Stock
Getty Stock/Think Stock

Tailgaters while driving. Why is everyone in a hurry?

Places to go, people to see. I get it. But you can keep a car length or two behind me, FoCo.

The trains. Man, oh man, the trains.

Yes. Understood.


The people who hate the trains.

Didn't see that one coming. Someone actually loves the trains so much they hate the people who hate the trains. Awkward.

The traffic the last handful of years.

Again, with a great place comes new people. With new people comes all of their cars. And cities that struggle to keep up with the growth. So here we are!

TSA Screens Passengers At Denver International Airport
John Moore, Getty Images

The driving distance to DIA, especially if you frequently travel.

I totally get this. I do frequently travel and the journey to and from DIA is a bit of a buzzkill. I've gotten used to it over the years, but such is the price you pay for living somewhere like NoCo. You can't have the perks of not being in the metro city AND an international airport. They're pretty mutually exclusive.

The people who move here then complain it doesn't fit their lifestyle.

I mean, they're not wrong. Do your research first, pal.

No fencing club.

I manage okay without this one.

TSM File Photo
TSM File Photo

When the left turn arrow has gone red and another four cars go through.

I believe you've mistaken Fort Collins for all of America, with this one.

Can't trust pedestrian crosswalk signals because drivers are too impatient.

I'll grant you this one. Crossing College on foot should be an Olympic sport.

The summers are too bloody hot.

The use of "bloody" in this complaint makes me thing this person is British, therefore anywhere in the US but Minneapolis was bound to be a bit too hot for them in the summer.

The dating scene if you're not a college student.

Yeah, okay I could see this. It's easy to meet people in bars at midnight and there's lots to do. But talk to me when you're in your 30's or 40's and the only bar you're interested in at midnight is that half eaten Snickers you left downstairs you're too lazy to get out of bed to go and get.

Lack of diversity amongst the people.

The demographic statistics of Fort Collins from the latest Census do back this up.

New York International Auto Show Holds Preview For Media
Getty Images

If you don't make six figures a year and drive a Subaru, you won't fit in.

I believe you're thinking of Boulder. But one user does point out, you only need one or the other to fit in.

The cost and lack of child care options.

I go back to "this problem is not exclusive to Fort Collins." This is an everywhere problem in America.

Being a college town. The rest of the year is great.

Once you're past a certain age, I think we can all agree there is a certain amount of relief in those early summer months when you realize the traffic has thinned out a bit.

Photo of a young woman skiing down an expert slope.
Getty Images

Too far of a drive to the good skiing.

The mountains are pretty to drive through and we should enjoy the time spent. Just be thankful you don't live in Kansas.

No thin and crispy pizza, thanks to the altitude.

I'm totally on board with this one. Thin crust is my favorite and good thin crust is hard to find anywhere outside of the Midwest US to be honest.

Driving anywhere south on I-25.

Or north, or in Denver, or in Colorado Springs, or pretty much between Wyoming and New Mexico. I-25 gets pretty brutal at times.

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