I used to not believe in actual treasure hunts that people talk about with pirates and chests filled with gold. But my belief is 100% real in one treasure hunt happening in the region

Let me introduce you to the Facebook page known as Northern Colorado Treasure Hunters, who have been giving away money throughout Northern Colorado the last few months.

Here's how it works, and it can't get any more simpler than what they have put together to find the cash:

  • Follow Northern Colorado Treasure Hunters on Facebook
  • They hide money in different locations throughout Northern Colorado
  • They will then post a picture of the location that the money is hidden at
  • You then hunt for the money. If you are the first person to find it, it's yours!

Pretty simple right?

They've also started using text alerts to let people know when a new "hunt" has begun. All you need to do is text "nocotreasurehunters" to 84483 to start receiving those.

Want some examples of their past hunts to see what it has looked like? Here is a Facebook post from February 19th with money that was hidden in Longmont:


Here's another example from February 18th with money that was hidden in Loveland:


Sounds pretty cool right? I can tell you that I have been following Northern Colorado Treasure Hunters and this is ALL legit. So start following them today and see if you can put more cash into your pocket by doing your very own hunt!

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