I came across a thread on Reddit, started by u/dontaggravation who shares the tale of two very different drivers recently encountered in the city of Fort Collins.

A family was walking through Old Town when one of the younger kids of the group stepped out onto Linden Street to cross. Admittedly not paying the best attention, the family followed the little one out onto the street to also cross, somewhat distracted by what was going on around them.

Thing is... they weren't in a crosswalk, and of course there was traffic coming. It happens to the best of us, right? Mistakes happen.

Driver number one approaches and promptly stops, acknowledging the fact that there was rogue kids in the street. The family gives the "thank you, sorry" gesture we're all accustomed to giving, whenever our kids go rogue or you step in front or pull out in front of someone while driving.

But driver number two approaches and seeing a family with kids in the middle of the street where they don't belong, what does he do? According to the original storyteller, he floors his beat up old Subaru and flies past them at 40+ mph, screaming obscenities about using the crosswalk out the window as he passes.

Are we sure this didn't take place in Boulder? How many stickers were on the back window?

So, are you driver A in this situation, or more likely to be driver B? I'm definitely driver A, at least outwardly and in actions, even if sometimes I'm driver B quietly in my own mind. No matter what, in whatever situation you encounter, as long as it involves other people, you can guarantee things won't always go according to plan and sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

Sometimes people mess up, and that's ok because I bet you mess up too. I know I do. Like the old saying goes, sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're the windshield.

Needless to say the comments on the thread range from supportive to hilarious, and you can check them out in their entirety on the r/Fort Collins Sub-Reddit.

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