NoCo's Best is all about finding the best of the best in local food. Each of the top three spots below has been voted as the best by you, the people of Northern Colorado. Because who knows NoCo better than the people who actually live here?

A good burger is unbeatable - and boy, do people have their opinions on what makes a burger incredible.

I'll tell you, there are several spots around Northern Colorado to grab an amazing burger - and even some really strange burger combinations you never would have thought of yourself. Yes, I'm talking about the Hangover burger at Stuft. But, cut me some slack, it's not that weird now that I've lived in Colorado for a while!

All opinions aside, you, the people of Northern Colorado, somehow decided on the best burger spots around. So, if you're coming up short on deciding where to grub for the night, here are the three best places to try.

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

One of my personal favorites, Bad Daddy's has killer burgers - and burger salads if that's more your pace.

Now, while we were voting on the best burger, we can't go without considering everything else Bad Daddy's offers that adds to even the most simple of burgers. The milkshakes, the Bad Daddy's sauce, and the rooftop seating.

While the rooftop has been a little harder to enjoy with the wind this year, it's still an easy decision to make that hike up the stairs for a little outdoor dining.

Big Al's

Simple, but effective. While Big Al's has a smaller menu, they know what their strengths are, and boy, oh boy, do they do them well.

The atmosphere just feels comfortable whether you're eating a simple and original cheeseburger or maybe feeling a little fancier and go for the Roasted Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burger Combo, it just feels like the best place to eat a burger.

And, while yes we are voting on the best burger places, Big Al's also knows how to do a dang good hot dog.

The Boot Grill

The Boot. Burgers, beers, and sometimes live music! We have to plug our sister station, K99's, New From Nashville series! Because what pairs better with beers and burgers than live music?

But, again, we're here to talk about the burgers! A classic burger in a country atmosphere will always be good, so it's not hard to imagine why this one was not only submitted by so many people in Northern Colorado but also voted by all of you into the top three best places to grab a burger!

Now, while these are the top three, there really can only be one winner! We will be announcing all NoCo's Best winners this Saturday at Taste of Fort Collins. Stay tuned to see who's crowned the winner, and be sure to get out and grab a bite from each of the best places in Northern Colorado!

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