This has pregnant women everywhere freaking out that this may be power to put them into labor. Basically, once a year this happens.  Saturday, May 5th the moon will be closest to the earth at 9:30p.m., then becomes completely full just one minute later. The moon will become full and orbit the Earth at a distance of only 221,802 miles, giving amazing views of a gigantic, extra-bright moon. In fact, skywatchers can look forward to a moon that’s about 16 percent brighter than usual.

Scientists don’t expect earthquakes or catastrophic tidal forces as a result.

To get the best view, check out the supermoon when it’s close to the horizon. View the moon either just after it rises or before it sets with an object (a tree or building, for example) in the foreground. The resulting optical illusion will make it seem even larger.

Here's a video explanation

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