Looking for a fun night out with the ladies? Get a sitter and grab your tickets for The Pump and Dump Show at the Lincoln Center this January.

The Pump and Dump show was created by two Denver moms who wanted to get real about what parenting was really like: it's not always cute moments and designer cribs, sometimes it's just downright frustrating, disgusting, and hilarious. They describe their show as "a growing, national, 'night out' for parents where every kind of mom can be in the same room – no matter what type of diaper they use or if they ate their own placenta – and together they can laugh their c-section scars open." (Source)

If you want to get real with these ladies, the show debuts in Fort Collins on January 25 as a part of their 2019 Parentally Incorrect Tour. You can grab your tickets at The Lincoln Center's website right here.

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