Today I received a new part for the Jeep!

It's not really for our enjoyment, but more peace of mind for when we are out and about with the dogs in tow. Since summer is here, we must have the top off of the Jeep! We also would like to take our two dogs with us into the mountains for an adventure. With the top being off of the Jeep and the pups in the back, there is a small chance that they might want to take a flying leap. Now this awesome cargo net keeps them from taking a free fall out of the back!

Matt Sparx/TSM

This Smittybilt Cargo Restraint System will be on the Jeep all summer long as we take off on some colorful Colorado adventures! The top feels like it is well constructed and will last for quite a while. I feel that it was a great purchase and a small price to pay for a great peace of mind!