Matt Sparx

Here are a Few Projects That I Did in 2017
2017 was a busy year. I learned a lot when it came to DIY and woodworking. I have only been making stuff in my garage for little over a year now and the garage went from a place for our cars to sleep, to a nearly full blown woodshop.
I thought I would keep myself motivated on making new things by sha…
10 Random Facts About Matt Sparx
Last night while I was doing some work in the garage, like I usually do, I lose track of time concentrating on the job at hand and giving myself some time to reflect on life. I think about the past, the future and who I am and why I am who I am...
I Was the Attpemted Attack Victim of a Kamikaze Wasp
We were driving down 392 yesterday between Greeley and Windsor going about 65mph. As we were nearing Windsor, I had my window cracked open about 3 inches. All of a sudden I feel a THWACK on my neck.
It stung a bit but didn't hurt. My initial reaction was "WHAT WAS THAT...
Legs For Days: Harvest Table Update
Over the past couple of days I have taken one of the 4x4 beetle kill pine boards and milled it down to a smooth, flat, workable surface. The 4 inch by 4 inch board was cut down into a 3 inch squared board with a little bit less than an inch as waste board...
My Beetle Kill Pine Haul From Red Feather Lakes
Over my vacation, I decided it was time to stop putting off going to get the lumber for my harvest dining room table build. On Wednesday, I headed up to a lumber mill located near Red Feather Lakes to pick up some rough cut beetle kill pine...
I'm Leaving My Phone
Since I am getting ready to take a few days off from work, I am also going to leave my phone in a drawer in my dresser on those days.
9 Photos From My Memorial Day Weekend
I had a busy Memorial Day Weekend! Mainly working on the Jeep getting back into good enough condition to drive it back and forth to work. I did spend some time out and about, drank some beer and spent some quality time with good friends on Memorial day...
The Hiccup In Our Sunday Funday
Yesterday was a great day! We took the top off the jeep and headed out for a little NOCO adventure. We started the day off with lunch at Cheeba Hut in Fort Collins than decided to take a drive up around Horsetooth.

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