Miller Moths are starting to flutter all around, in a big way. This is expected to be an extraordinarily bad Miller Moth season due to the warm, early spring weather and the overall warm winter that didn't wipe out the Army Cutworm, from which the Miller Moth originates. This morning driving down College Avenue in Fort Collins, at each intersection I witnessed "swarm" like moths, see below.

The Miller Moths are actually migrating from the plains to the mountains. This moth infestation should only last a few weeks. Dr. Whitney Cranshaw at CSU has more scientific info here.  With very few predators other than bats and swallows in this area, they can be really annoying.

If they are really bugging you, I suggest these great old school remedies:

-Turn Off Porch Lights- When not in use and/or ten minutes or so before you have to open the door.
-Candle in Water- Place a candle in a pie plate full of water, they will most likely burn in the candle and then die in the water. A rock in a can or jingly keys can make a noise that can get moths moving to speed up this capture process.
-Lamp and Bucket- Place bucket of soapy water under a lamp with no shade on it. The moth will hit the bulb of the light and then fall into the bucket and die in the water. Use grounded plug and lots of caution to avoid electrocution.  Moths aren't as bad as that!

Check out the amount in this lilac bush in Colorado Springs

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