For the first truly cold day in Colorado this fall, the Jonas Brothers definitely made sure they kept the stage hot.

Literally. There were actual flamethrowers.

The boys came to the Pepsi Center yesterday, October 1, to play to a packed arena songs about love, growing up, and eating cake by the ocean. They opened with 'Rollercoaster', coming down from the ceiling in a shower of fireworks and on a floating platform. Rad.

The brothers each played a song from their solo careers: Nick played 'Jealous' and Joe played 'Cake By The Ocean' (which was easily the best part of the show, featuring blow up inflatable tube men and a confetti cannon).

The show was moved along by a film that the brothers made featuring young versions of themselves meeting the older versions, and I certainly teared up a little bit. Okay, a lot.

The end of the show featured a medley of older songs, as well as a performance of 'Year 3000', 'Lovebug', and 'Burnin' Up', featuring giant flamethrowers and fireworks displays. I don't think I've ever seen a show like that at the Pepsi Center before, nor will I ever see one like that again.

To see a few shots from the show, click through our gallery below, which also features our Jonas Brothers contest winner Brigitte, who got to meet the boys in person last night. Don't forget to check out the Point's Instagram below to see highlights from the concert as well!

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