Did I only start drinking Coors Light because the Jonas Brothers did? Shut up. Maybe. I don't know.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe have been fans of our own Colorado brewery for a while now, ever since Coors supplied the Jonas/Chopra wedding with the brew (and, according to Delish.com they actually loved it so much they ran out) and Joe's wedding featured the light beer as well, along with his own custom wedding label.

Because of all this love going around, Coors decided to make it Instagram official (see below) and brew a limited-edition batch with the brothers. That's right— you can now get your Coors with a bunch of handsome men on the label. Score.

Unfortunately, you can only find the limited-edition Coors Light Jonas Brothers brew in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville, and Tampa, which seems like a cop out since the actual brewery is in Colorado but whatever, I'm not bitter. Here's hoping we'll get a taste eventually.

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