If you walk by Colorado State University's Student Services building after dark and wonder why there are no lights on inside - it's because of the building's dark and twisted early beginnings.

From the outside, it looks unsuspecting of anything obscure because, well, it looks like like it's supposed to be this artistic masterpiece with its various levels and curvy edges on the exterior. But there's a strange reason behind why the building looks so weird, and the architect was committed to an insane asylum because of it.

Built in 1948 by architect Eugene Groves, the former Braiden Hall (CSU's first men's dorm) had no interior stairs in its original design and parts of the building were not connected to others, according to Forgotten Fort Collins. Before the building's completion, Groves was sent to an insane asylum upon the discovery that he'd been planning to murder his wife and bury her in the basement of Braiden Hall.

While it's not clear what happened to make people avoid working in the building at night, I can only imagine the building's energy is a little "off" seeing as it's had a pretty sketchy history.


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