The majority of us remember that March day where tragedy, again, struck our state. This time at a King Soopers in Boulder, Colo. That King Soopers location is finally ready to re-open its doors.

I was in the studio that day, like normal on a weekday afternoon, when a co-worker popped in the studio and told me to turn on the news.

I was shocked to see what was on the screen as they delivered the news of yet another tragic shooting taking place in our home state. I'll never forget where I was when Columbine happened. Or waking up the morning after the Aurora theater shooting. I'll also never forget the day when we lost 10 innocent lives in that tragic shooting at the South Boulder King Soopers location, including a Boulder Police officer who lived right here in the town that I call home.

Our friends at FOX 31 are reporting that King Soopers, in conjunction with the City of Boulder, are planning on re-opening the South Boulder King Soopers location on Table Mesa Drive just after the new year. The re-opening is slated for Thursday, January 20, 2022, just shy of a year after this tragic day in our home state.

The store has been completely remodeled and, for the most part, will look very different than it did the last time it was open to the public.

You never think something like this will happen in your home state, in a city so close to where you live. Let alone in a  store that both my dad and wife regularly shopped at while they both worked in Boulder years ago. I'm thankful that they weren't there that day and my heart still hurts for the families of the 10 innocent people that we lost. #BoulderStrong

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