This week, we get to watch a ghost hunting date, but the scariest part of the episode is probably Blake's art sculpture. Let's dive in (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

One-on-One - Zac C. 

Former Bachelorette JoJo fills in for Chris Harrison this week to let Zac C. know that he is getting the first one-on-one. The producers kick it off by throwing Tayshia and Zac a fake wedding photoshoot.

Zac and Tayshia throw on some wedding attire and are both visibly filled with terror as they internally realize that they aren't ready to get married.

Honestly, the whole photoshoot is so awkward, but I persevered because of the photographer's hot pink shoes. They gave me life.

Later, Tayshia drops the bomb on Zac that she was married before (like he didn't already know??), but he reveals that he, too, has also been married before.

At dinner, Tayshia pushes Zac to open up about his marriage and it turns out he's had a pretty messed up life. After recovering from a brain tumor, he rushed into a marriage that later crumbled after he developed a drug and alcohol addiction.

Thankfully, he got clean and is now a board member at the rehab facility that helped him. Props to Zac for being open and honest. Tayshia appreciates it too, and gives him the rose.

Group Date - Arts & Crafts

The men walk into their group date only to be met by a pink-haired artist painting two older naked people. I know they signed up for the show, but must the producers torture them like this?

They start off with painting, and then move into blindfolded sculpture making. Bennett sincerely uses the phrase "fifty shades of clay," Spencer makes a pizza, and Blake makes...male genitalia.

Next, they have to make vulnerable self-portraits. Brendan holds his face in a picture frame, Blake paints a turtle dove ("because they're monogamous animals"), and Riley shares a really deep story about his mother.

Then, Ben decides that his self-portrait will literally be himself. All of himself. He strips down and stands in front of the whole room naked.

At first I was like what the actual eff, but Ben later reveals that he used to have an eating disorder and has issues with showing off his body. It's actually an important issue to highlight, so I respect Ben for being honest.

Tayshia makes good connections with the other men throughout the night (except for Bennett and Noah because they're idiots), but she ultimately gives the rose to Ben.

One-on-One - Eazy

Tayshia takes Eazy ghost hunting around the hotel and I am here. for. it.

I feel really bad for the intern that had to set this whole "haunted hotel" up, but they spend the whole date screaming and laughing and it's just really freakin' cute.

Eazy: *runs out of the room screaming*
Also Eazy: *runs back in to grab his glass of wine*

But, it's all for naught, because at dinner, Eazy decides to move way too fast and tells Tayshia that he is falling in love with her even though they've spent like a total of 20 minutes together.

His confession of love is heartfelt and genuine, but Tayshia's stone cold reaction says it all. She tells him she doesn't feel the same way and sends him home.

Eazy leaves crying, and I'm crying too. Someone marry this man.

Two-on-One - Noah and Bennett

Tayshia decides to solve Noah and Bennett's issues by sending them on the dreaded two-on-one. I think they should both go home, but I guess I'll settle for half.

Before Tayshia arrives, Bennett shows up with an "olive branch" gift for Noah...and it's an actual BOOK ON EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Bennett then proceeds to explain to Noah how he can be more emotionally intelligent, claiming that he's trying to "help him."

I am shook. The condescension is astonishing. Noah, I don't even like you, but please punch Bennett in the face.

Tayshia walks in and Noah explains that Bennett thinks she's an idiot for giving Noah a rose. Bennett denies it, but she is not pleased. She asks what's in the box...and then the episode ends.  UGH.

Quotes of the Night

  • "Who is to tell me that I can't come on a tv show in the middle of a national pandemic and find love?"
  • "This is insane. This is going to be the third time I'm getting naked."
  • "It's always about the fern."

Join me next week for the resolution to this two-on-one. It's gonna be gooood. 

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