Get ready to roll tide, because tonight, Alabama Hannah is one step closer to finding the love of her life (that is, if they aren't broken up already.)

If that sentence made absolutely no sense to you, I'm talking about The Bachelorette finale, which will air both tonight and tomorrow at 7 p.m. on ABC.

Now, before you go reaching for the wine bottle, let's go over the details we need to know for what is sure to be, in the words of Chris Harrison, the most dramatic night ever.

The Bachelorette Season 15: Recap

If you're really behind, this year's Bachelorette is  Hannah Brown, the 24-year-old beauty pageant contestant who got dumped by Colton Underwood last season.

Known for her awkwardness and commitment to being real, Hannah has been a breath of fresh air for the Bachelor whether you like her or hate her for that, is up to you.

On tonight's finale, Hannah has to choose between three men: Jed Wyatt, Tyler Cameron, and Peter Weber (thank goodness Luke P. is finally gone!!!)

Jed has been a frontrunner since the beginning of the show, since he somehow won Hannah's heart with his subpar singing and unusually large forehead. Despite this, I will admit that Hannah and Jed do seem to have the most genuine chemistry out of the remaining guys.

However, Jed has been in hot water with the Internet after his ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens came forward and accused Jed of ghosting her to join the show. Allegedly, Jed promised to keep dating Haley and told her he was only going on the show to advance his music career. He said he would promise to call her after the show, but (shocker!) he never did.

Hannah has not addressed these rumors as of yet...hopefully we'll get some answers tonight.

Tyler is the love of my life a fan-favorite on the show, due to his reputation of being the most drama-free, respectful, and gorgeous man on the show.

The only flaw in his relationship with Hannah is that they are too hot – Hannah put the brakes on their physical relationship last episode to see if they have an emotional connection. We'll find out if he and Hannah are emotional enough tonight.

Peter seduced Hannah and America by donning his pilot's uniform on the first episode, and he has kept up his reputation since.

But Chris Harrison warns that Peter's drama-free vacation might be over tonight. Like Jed, Peter allegedly had a serious girlfriend as recently as December 2018, and then dumped her and her dreams to go on the show. Yikes.

Pro-tip: don't audition for a dating show if you are already dating someone. 

Finale Predictions:

Chris Harrison has already discussed in multiple interviews that whether Hannah does or not, he will be confronting both Jed and Peter about their ex-girlfriends on "After the Final Rose."

He also revealed that Hannah is definitely in love with two of the men, and has so much trouble choosing between them that she breaks down on the way to her proposal and ends up ripping her dress and bleeding everywhere.

With this in mind, Chris Harrison warned viewers that a proposal is not guaranteed, a la last season's Colton and Cassie, who decided to keep dating after the show without getting engaged.

I could definitely see Hannah leaning this way, since she is probably the second most indecisive person on this planet (the first being me). Either way, here's hoping she ends up with Tyler  whoever makes her happy.

Now...let's grab the wine.

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