Maybe it's because the producers spent all of their time focusing on Queen Victoria and giving us absolutely no insight into Matt's personality (does he have one?), but this season made it even harder to care about people I'll never meet in my life even more than usual.

That said, shall we torture ourselves with a recap? Let's do it (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

Michelle Meets the Family

Matt's mom starts off meeting her son's potential wives by telling the camera that she thinks him actually getting engaged is a long shot. Way to keep the faith.

Matt's brother also doesn't seem to have any faith in Matt, but he still did his due diligence and prepared a long line of questions for Michelle.

She answers them like a champ and continues to win over Matt's mom, who is touched by Michelle's strong family dynamic — something Matt never had.

But when talking to his family, Matt can't bring himself to even say that he is in love with Michelle. He later makes this more obvious to us viewers by kissing her with the passion of a dead fish.

One person in this relationship is ready for marriage, and it isn't him.

Rachael Meets the Family

Within the first few seconds of this date, Matt tells Rachael he's falling in love with her again. Poor Michelle has no chance.

Matt's brother pulls Rachael aside for the same round of questioning...She doesn't do as well. Her answers aren't bad, per se, but you should probably be able to say more about your future husband than that he's "goofy."

Still, it's enough to convince Matt's mom, whose only condition for a good relationship seems to be that someone actually likes her son.

Like, that's obviously important, but don't you want to know more about Views on kids? Although, I'm drinking wine and watching "The Bachelor," so I guess I can't really talk.

Michelle Goes Home

Michelle and Matt get to enjoy one last one-on-one date, but he just can't seem to shake off the terror he feels when he thinks of marrying her.

After Michelle bares her soul to him again, Matt is just like: "Nah."

Okay, not really, he actually gets kind of emotional, but he does say that he can't marry her because he has doubts about their relationship.

She is understandably crushed and he doesn't give her any real reason for dumping her other than that he's not really feeling it. You deserved better, Michelle.

Matt...Asks Rachael Out?

I knew Michelle had no chance, and I knew that even Matt's own mother thought he couldn't get married, but I had hope that maybe, just maybe, this show would end like it's supposed to.

But nope, we don't even get a proposal. After cancelling their one-on-one, Matt tells Rachael that he can't marry her either.

However, not all hope is lost. He still wants to go out with her, and she gets the final rose instead of a ring.

After the Final Rose

It hadn't been featured on the show until now, but both Rachael and Chris Harrison have been under fire after controversial Instagram posts from her past resurfaced online.

Matt explains to Rachael why her actions were not okay, and she promises to do better. Understandably, the situation is still hurtful for Matt, and he reveals that the two have ended their relationship.

Chris Harrison will also not be hosting the show next season. Bachelor Nation alums Tayshia and Kaitlyn will be taking over for the rest of this year...and there will be not one, but two Bachelorettes.

We're getting two separate seasons of "The Bachelorette" next, and they're starring fan-favorites Katie and Michelle (who is doing just fine post-Matt, by the way).

Congratulations to you on making in through 10 weeks of this season. See you in the summer!

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