What’s the best way to get to know someone? Sitting down across from them and asking a bunch of menial, draining questions…or rifling through their bags?

I think you’ll probably vote for the first one, since the second isn’t really considered ‘doable’ in polite society. Seriously, though…don’t you think one of the most telling things about a person are the items they actively choose to carry around?

I used to hang out with Point listeners on weekday afternoons, but I left for a short period of time and now I’m thinking that a lot of people aren’t too familiar with who, exactly, ‘Scruggs’ is. To start with the basics, I’m a 25-year-old living in Fort Collins and I love beer (duh), eating locally (yum), music (yes), and travel (bye).  For the rest of ‘me’, I’m going to let my bag do the talking…so I’m going to reach down into the depths of this North Face blue-and-red number and start the show. Drumroll, please…

A red button that reads, ‘I canoed Ketchikan!’

I just returned from an epic family vacation, where my family and I cruised through the Inside Passage of Alaska. The first town we docked in was Ketchikan, where we went on a canoeing trip. A little kid sat in the row in front of me and splashed me in the face the entire time, all while telling me to paddle faster. Jerk. I returned to our ship salty (attitude-wise) and tired, but with a new button in tow describing my victory.

A giant straw

I—probably along with a huge majority of the world right now, hopefully—am not a huge fan of single-use plastics since I enjoy sea turtles and I don’t want my Starbucks straw to cause them to disappear forever. However, before I learned about what straws were doing to the environment I had a huge supply of giant, plastic smoothie straws. I’m trying to save and reuse them and, look at that—one found its way into my backpack.

Another bag

A bag in a bag?? Yeah, that’s what I’m about. I hate being unprepared for any situation, which is why I’m prepared for everything…sometimes, prepared for too much. There’s no reason for me to have a bag in this bag right now.

An eye shadow palette

I’m not a beauty/makeup buff but I do like to look good, and my eyes look pretty puffy during the day. I like to have a stash of makeup around to brighten me up midday, but looks like I forgot a makeup brush…so this palette is pretty useless. Good job, Scruggs.

A receipt for the Garden State Diner

I just returned from a trip to Boston, where I had a layover in Newark, New Jersey. Let me just tell you—the Newark airport is so LIT! There are gourmet restaurants everywhere and thousands of iPads where you can make an order without ever talking to a real person. As someone who gets annoyed with other people real easily, this was kind of a dream come true for me. Still, though, technology confuses me so I ended up at the only restaurant in the airport that didn’t use the handy-dandy Ipad system and had an enourmous Monte Cristo sammie.


Had enough of me yet? Thanks for sifting through my backpack with me and follow along on my adventures on the air, 3-7 p.m. on weekdays. I’ll keep updating my blog, but first, I have to ask—what’s in your bag right now?

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