Grab the marshmallows! Due to all the rain we've gotten along the Front Range lately the U.S. Forest Service-Arapaho & Roosevelt Natl Forests Pawnee Natl Grassland has announced they are lifting stage 1 fire restrictions on national forest and grasslands in Weld, Larimer, Boulder, Gilpin, Clear Creek, and Jefferson County.

Campers in these national forest areas have not been allowed to have a campfire since May.

The Larimer County Sheriff did remind us, that the fire ban in Larimer County remains in effect until August 29th, despite the moisture. That ban includes the following:

  • Open fires, including camp or cooking fires
  • Smoking in the open is not allowed, including on trails, parks, and open spaces.
  • Fireworks or firework displays.
  • Incendiary devices including sky lanterns, exploding ammunition, exploding targets, and tracer ammunition.
  • Welding

It's not just the "monsoonal rains" that we have to thank, although they are definitely helping the drought conditions. Forest fire managers say it's also the firefighting resources that are available at this time nationwide and locally, as in, we could get help if something happened. The future is also in our fire-burning favor, as the long-term forecast calls for heavy moisture to continue over the next few weeks.

If you plan to have a fire, be smart about it. Always practice campfire safety. The proper way to put out a fire is to douse it with water until it's cold to touch, this could take several gallons of water.

Don't forget humans can cause accidental fires in a variety of ways, not just campfires. Did you know trailer chains that drag can cause fires as can parking on dry grass? Cigarettes, chainsaws, fireworks, and target shooting have all led to forest fires.

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