If you like Asian-inspired food, you're in luck. The Coloradoan reported today that Teriyaki Madness is a restaurant chain based out of Denver who is planning to call Northern Colorado home.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Teriyaki Madness, a fast-casual Asian restaurant concept featuring a Seattle Teriyaki menu, is committed to unconditionally satisfying guests by offering delicious, made-to-order Teriyaki dishes prepared with all natural, fresh ingredients that are served quickly, at a reasonable price in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The brand is dedicated to “Spreading the Madness” so that everyone can experience the best teriyaki on earth.

Teriyaki Madness has over fifty locations nationwide and two right here in Colorado.

So, If you like to eat asian food, quick and casual, (like me) you're going to love it.

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