John Oliver Westbrook allegedly kidnapped his daughter, Daphne, in 2019; authorities say that the father was recently spotted in Pueblo.

According to Fox 31/Denver and WRBC-TV in Tennessee, Oliver has been charged with aggravated kidnapping after not returning his now-17-year-old daughter home after a weekend visit in October of 2019.

Colorado and the west are far from Tennessee, but maybe that's perfect for the father.

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But despite those intentions, authorities have uncovered additional information indicating that the two are in the region.

  • Daphe was spotted in the Denver area in November of 2020.
  • Daphne's bible was found in a trash can outside of a Trader Joe's in Sante Fe, New Mexico in February of 2021.
  • Also in February, according to the authorities, the father spent several weeks in Pueblo.

According to WRBC-TV and the Hamilton, Tennessee District Attorney's office, the father has been making money during his travels by using his IT skills to provide security work.

Investigators say that the father likes to take Daphne horseback riding and urges that community to be on alert.

The pair may be traveling with Daphne's dogs, Fern and Strawberry. She is believed to be held against her will and endangered physically and mentally.

If you see Daphne, her father, or have any further information on Daphne's kidnapping, you can contact authorities:

  • Hamilton County, TN DA’s Office - 423-209-7415

Get more from FOX 31 Denver, HERE.

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