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Most of us would be ashamed a failing grade in a college class, and I'm sure a lot of those with overbearing parents would dread having to share that news with their parents. This Georgia Gwinnett College flunked his English class and was so afraid of telling his parents that he faked his own kidnapping.

According to the Huffington Post, the 19-year-old was so distraught about telling his parental units about his grade that he bought a cell phone, concocted a story about being kidnapped and then went camping for a week.

But not only is this guy a horrible liar, he's a horrible camper. Rainy weather forced him to come home and when he was questioned by police about the kidnapping he broke down and told the truth.

Now college-boy is facing charges of making a false report, false statements, tampering with evidence and terroristic threats. (All of which are things I'm sure his parents are more upset about than an "F".) That must have been one whopper of a kidnapping story for all those charges!

I guess this guy gets an "A" for effort for trying, but he still flunked the class.

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