Teacher appreciation day at TCBY, offers teacher free yogurt for all their hard work. Our Northern Colorado teachers work hard and deserve all the thanks that they can get. From all the long hours, extra money spent, extra effort going above and beyond for their students because they love their job and care so much. All of us know how hard our teachers work and love them because of it all. When you work this hard, it is nice to get a break every once in awhile and if that break includes frozen yogurt...that's way better!

TCBY Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, November 13th, and will give a free 3oz of yogurt to all the teachers that stop by to receive their many thanks! The promotion will run on Tuesday from 3pm to 10pm and will be for all teachers that show their school badge when they come in. Perfect time for all those teachers headed home from a long hard day to swing by and get a little something to make Tuesday a great day!

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