Get McDonald’s Delivered to Your Door in Fort Collins
I am going to sound like a pregnant chick here for a second, forgive me. There are just days where I feel like walking the house in nothing but my undies, watching chick flicks all day, and eating McDonald's, but being too lazy to go get it. Ever have one of those days? If so, and you live in F…
US McDonald’s Map – We Feel Fatter Already! [IMAGE]
I've had an aversion to McDonald's ever since I was in fifth grade. I ate a quarter-pounder for lunch, wend rock-climbing with my boy scout troop, and then threw up all night long. I've broken down and eaten from the popular fast food joint a few times since then, but I still freque…
Say “What!?”- Woman Offers Sexual Favors for Nuggets
This is almost seems like a rejected Klondike bar commercial except with chicken nuggets. Or a cheesy pick up line in the making, " Hey, you want fries with them nuggets?"  A woman in Los Angeles was opening up drivers doors in the drive-thru of a McDonalds looking for a nugge…
McDonald’s Happy Meals to Get Healthy Makeover
In an effort to help stave off childhood obesity, McDonald’s announced Monday that its iconic Happy Meals are getting a healthy tune-up.
Traditionally, the meals included a burger or chicken nuggets, fries and a soda. But starting this fall, a fruit or vegetable will also be in the sh…
Viral Photo Of Racist Flyer At McDonald’s Is A Hoax
Someone with a knack for photoshopping pictures has sent McDonald's into a frenzy of social media public relations repair after a bogus flyer went viral.
The picture makes it appear that a McDonald's store posted a flayer stating, "As an insurance measure due in part to a recent string of robber…
Move Over McDonald’s, There Is A New Restaurant King
There is a new king in the fast food world. (Well, the entire restaurant world, not just fast food.) Subway has officially surpassed McDonald’s as the world’s largest restaurant chain, in terms of units. You won't believe how many Subway locations there are.
The Shamrock Shake Returns [VIDEO]
McDonald's bright-green Shamrock Shake, a minty beverage only available around St. Patrick's Day each year, has a huge cult following.  Maybe not as devoted a fan base as the McRib, but a following none the less.