Colorado Comes in Third For Business in the United States
Colorado, we love our state. I personally think it is the best state I have ever lived in and I have lived in a half a dozen other states. I am happy to be home and I am also happy to see that Colorado ranks third best in the United States when it comes to business according to CNBC...
Peanut Butter Price Hike Could Make Things Sticky for Consumers
Peanut butter has been a staple for frugal food lovers for years, but a looming price increase could make it more of a luxury item before the end of the year.
Facing shortages after a dismal peanut harvest, producers have begun implementing steep price hikes, and consumers will start feeling the pinc…
7,000 Jobs Coming To Loveland
Good news from the jobs front, there could be close to 7,000 jobs coming to Loveland in the near future.  According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald the town’s quest for the project known as ACE has succeeded.
Nonesuch Theatre The Latest Victim Of Bad Economy
An average of 80 people per week were enjoying performances at the Nonesuch Theater in Old Town Fort Collins.  Unfortunately, those numbers needed to be in the 150-200 range to keep the theater in business.  The final curtain will fall at Nonesuch on April 9th.