According to NerdWallet, Greeley, Colorado has the second fastest growing economy in the country!

Greeley came in at number-two on their for growing its economy nearly 25% from 2007-2011 and a 24.6% growth in growth-to-median income ratio for workers.  Chico, California came in at number-one on their list? Here is the top ten from NerdWallet:

  1. Chico, California
  2. Greeley, Colorado
  3. Bellingham, Washington
  4. Yorba Linda, California
  5. Norman, Oklahoma
  6. Gainesville, Florida
  7. Brownsville, Texas
  8. Syracuse, New York
  9. New Orleans, Louisiana
  10. Tyler, Texas

A city that demonstrates yearly growth in the earnings of its workers provides a reassurance of its economic health and presents an opportunity for more growth in the future. Cities with significant median personal income growth over a longer period send a signal that the local economy is in an upward trend.