Amy Adams

'Enchanted 2' Is Officially Happening
It's been seven years since Disney's 'Enchanted' charmed its way into our hearts, and now the film is finally getting a happily ever after with a sequel. 'Enchanted 2' is moving ahead with writers and a director and everything. But will Amy Adams return to reprise her r…
'Batman vs. Superman' Announcements Coming Soon?
In retrospect, we know very little about Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' sequel, 'Batman vs. Superman' (even the title remains unofficial until the studio breaks its silence). However, it looks like big announcements could be coming soon during a certain 'Man of Steel&apos…
Trailer for New ‘Muppets’ Movie [VIDEO]
Memorial Day is right around the corner, but if you're a fans of the Muppets, you might already be looking ahead to Thanksgiving.
Check out the teaser trailer for ‘The Muppets,’ which comes out just in time for turkey day.