Christmas in Colorado could be rough this year — and no, we're not talking about the upcoming winter weather.

We're talking about the gifts. Unfortunately, Santa might have a hard time fulfilling everyone's wish lists.

How Colorado's Supply Chain Issues Could Affect Your Christmas

According to a new study from Filterbuy, nearly 45% of Colorado businesses are facing domestic supplier delays, while 20% are grappling with foreign supplier delays.

A combined 33.4% are struggling with finding replacement suppliers. As a result, many local businesses are experiencing shipping and delivery delays — so your Christmas presents might be late in the Centennial State.

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The study reports that businesses in the retail, manufacturing, construction, accommodation and food industries are getting hurt the most.

Although Colorado isn't in a great position, Filterbuy notes that other states have it worse. The Centennial State ranks 35th in terms of supply chain disruptions, but states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Ohio are seeing the brunt of it.

Why Colorado is Struggling With Supply Chain Issues

The credit goes to the coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic kickstarted these issues, and thankfully, many businesses are doing better than they were in 2020 — the number of companies experiencing major negative impacts fell from 51% to 22%.

Despite this, some businesses aren't out of the woods.

"In some respects, the situation has worsened the longer the pandemic has gone on," reads the study. "Businesses today report delays and difficulties with both domestic and foreign suppliers at a higher percentage than they did in 2020."

Filterbuy limited the report to businesses with less than 500 employees, so you're less likely to have trouble with large corporations. Still, it's a good reminder to be patient with Colorado's beloved small business community.

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