Denver is growing and has been for some time. It's growing both out and up and a super creative and stunning way with this new building that is set to feature a multi level nature trail that will be visible from outside...personally, I've never seen anything like this.

According to Travel and Leisure, these types of buildings apparently aren't a new trend, there are some overseas but when it comes to the good old U S OF A...there's nothing quite like it, even in Las Vegas which is saying something.

This crazy new building is going to be an apartment complex...I don't even want to know what the rent is going to look like in this place!

There will be 187 residences and the building will also have some retail in the lower level but the most incredible feature obviously is going to be the multi level hiking and nature trail that will be plainly visible from the outside and have amazing views from the building of the city and the Rocky Mountains.


The building will be located in the River North District and stand tall at 16-stories. Certainly not the tallest building in Denver...not even close but the design is going to be something like the city or the country has ever seen.

The nature area isn't just going to be a little greenery sprinkled here and there, it features more than 13,000 square feet of open-air spaces.

What really is going to make this place stand out though will be the mind blowing 10-story opening that basically looks like a giant crack through the building that allows you to see the massive walkway that spans four stories as well as a cool water feature.

Oh...and there are more bells and whistles that include a giant rooftop terrace with a pool, garden, and a spa offering stunning Rocky Mountain views.

With rents where they are in Denver for a normal apartment...I'm going broke just thinking about this place...I can't even begin to imagine the monthly price tag for this place but my sure is going to look pretty awesome.


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