The Fort Collins Police Department announced today that they have launched an investigation into an incident in "broad daylight" that involved a sexual assault from a stranger.

According to the release from Fort Collins police, the victim, an adult female, reported that a man grabbed her and sexually assaulted her from behind while she was on a walk on the 1200 block of East Elizabeth Street.

During the incident, a bystander reportedly saw what was happening and yelled for the man to stop, at which point the suspect allegedly ran away.

Police are now asking the public to assist in finding and identifying the suspect.

The man has been described to and by police as a white man in dark clothing. While they have the victim's account of the incident, they are also looking into any potential security footage from the area.

Investigators are also reportedly looking for the woman who witnessed the assault in order to obtain any further information she may have gathered as a bystander.

In order for authorities to obtain more information pertaining to the case, they are asking anyone who may know who the bystander is to contact police so they can get her report of the incident and description of the suspect.

Police have described the bystander as a mid-to-late 40s female with brown, curly hair.

Anyone with information pertaining to the suspect and/or the bystander is encouraged to contact FCPS Detective Dollie Knab at (970)-416-2195. The public can also submit information anonymously to Crime Stoppers of Larimer County.

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