Ever wondered why you're smart and extremely good at what you do, yet you only have $20 in the bank? This study has the answer.

Researchers at the University of Catania in Italy set out to figure out the connection between talent, brains, and making money. What they found might seem pretty shocking to you. It's one of those things where there really isn't a positive in it for you, basically saying that you're screwed, unless you catch that lucky break.

Surely you've looked at the Logan Paul's of the world and thought "HOW THE HELL ARE THEY MAKING MONEY AND I'M NOT???" If you haven't thought that, you probably should.

The researchers studied people over forty years and found that the smartest people and the most talented people literally never make the most money. Basically, they found that those who make the most money have, quote, "Pure luck".

Here's another juicy quote from the researchers, saying, "Some degree of talent is necessary to be successful in life, [but] almost never do the most talented people reach the highest peaks of success, being overtaken by mediocre but sensibly luckier individuals."

So just keep at it, and pray that you're one of the lucky few who catch your lucky break, otherwise, you're screwed no matter what.




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