OK, they're not 'clingy,' they just love us as much as we love them. And if you've ever felt bad about leaving your dog behind when you leave the house, that feeling may be justified. According to a recent survey by CertaPet, 'Separation Anxiety in Dogs & Dog Owners in 2021,' dogs in the state of Colorado ranked number one in having the highest separation anxiety when their owners leave. 

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Here's how CertaPet determined that ranking, since, you know, you can't ask a dog about their feelings. CertaPet asked thousands of dog owners across the country about how anxious their dog behaves when they leave them at home. According to ABC, a dog who's anxious when left at home may bark or howl all day, chew at themselves, dig, destroy furniture or even try to run away from home.

Steven Foster on Unsplash
Steven Foster on Unsplash

The survey responses indicated that more Coloradans expressed that their dog shows these signs of separation anxiety; more than dog owners in any other state. Again, we can't ask a dog why they get so anxious, but with how much we spoil our dogs here with mountain adventures, pool plunges, dog-friendly bars and more, it's no wonder they don't like being left alone. I mean, you'd have some serious FOMO and eat a couch, too.

We humans also get anxious about leaving our dogs at home alone, the survey said. CertaPet ranked Coloradans the tenth most anxious about separating themselves from their dogs, with 41 percent of people surveyed admitting they've cancelled plans because they couldn't bring their dog. Additionally, the survey revealed that 69 percent of people would prefer to continue working from home⁠ — so that they can stay with their dog.

You can see the full report from CertaPet here.

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