The longest government shutdown in history is finally over, but that doesn't mean that residents in Wyoming and Colorado weren't affected. All over the U.S., government workers went without pay and felt the sting of unemployment.

A pair of students from Cheyenne East High School recognized that pain, and decided to take matters into their own hands in order to do something good for their community.

Image by Nathan Zastoupil
Image by Nathan Zastoupil

Nathan Zastoupil and Elise Healey, after the most recent shutdown, noticed that students on the Wind River Reservation were in need of resources, things like school supplies and winter clothing for the colder months. With the shutdown affecting funding and supplies on the reservation, Zastoupil and Healey started a GoFundMe page to purchase supplies, as well as a drop box outside of their school to collect resources for the reservation.

Zastoupil writes on the GoFundMe page, "Take into consideration what it might be like to have no support, and please have a generous heart."

It's incredible to see two high schoolers working so hard for their community-- you can read more about their cause and donate for supplies right here.

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