Just when you thought you'd seen it all, a Burlesque Star Wars rolls through Colorado, giving you a peek at the world's most famous Empire, like never before.

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Star Wars Stripper Show In Colorado

Vimeo Screenshot
Vimeo Screenshot

I'll be honest, as I was walking around the Star Wars land a couple of weeks back at Disneyland in California, I said to my wife that the land was missing something. The rides are fantastic, but it's never really wowed me.

Maybe it's because I was never a massive Star Wars junkie, or maybe it's because it's missing a live show, like the one I stumbled upon on my return home last week...

The Empire Strips Back Now Playing In Colorado

While clearly, this would not fly in Disneyland, if you're interested in entering the "Dark Side," this unique parody show based on Star Wars, might be the thing to get those red light sabers all fired up!

"The Empire Strips Back: A Burlesque Parody," is now playing in Colorado, and the show has been so popular, that they now have show dates through the end of the month.

Why Should I Go See The Star Wars Stripper Show?

Having seen the show, our friends at "Secret Denver" have given us some of their top reasons why it's a can't miss.

  1. The music: While clearly a Star Wars parody, the entertainers dance to far more fun music than the score of Star Wars.
  2. The Sets & Costumes: While highly influenced by Star Wars, these costumes are far from the traditional Stormtrooper and Darth Vader masks. Sets seem to have been given a lot of love as well.
  3. The Merch: Any collector knows how well Star Wars merch does, and Empire Strips Back has spared no expense on their unique merch options

The Empire Strips Back Official Trailer

Add those things in with the surprises, and the fantastic reviews, it feels like the fun adult night out that you didn't even know you needed. I haven't seen if folks dress up to watch but you only live once, so go wild. The show is playing at The Brighton in Denver through March.

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