Have you ever wanted to stay high above the Colorado landscape in a picturesque treehouse? This AirBnB is for you.

Listed by Jorge on AirBnB and located in San Luis, Colorado, this treehouse doesn't really have It all....I mean, it is glamping, after all, so you're missing a few amenities. However, at $132 a night, the views pay for themselves, and the experience is sure to be unforgettable.

The treehouse on the listing is described as remote, off-grid, and contemporary, and even has a cute sectional in the living space. There's a loft area for the kids and a wood-burning stove for when it gets cold. There's also a portable propane heater included for when the wood stove goes out at night.

There are limited amenities, but you will have electricity in order to charge your phones and a propane Coleman stove to cook your food. The lights are powered by a solar panel system and, if you check out the photos in the gallery, you'll see that they make for a striking nighttime image.

To learn more about the treehouse in San Luis and book it for yourself, click here. See the interior and exterior of the space right here:

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