You'll either love it like Joe Exotic loves his multitude of husbands or you'll hate it like Joe Exotic hates 'that [expletive]' Carole Baskin. 

We're not ready to get off the Tiger King train yet. Maybe once we're allowed to do things again we will be, but right now we're just hangin' in there like Joe's eyebrow ring.

Someone made a meme of Tiger King as Northern Colorado cities and we're just going to leave it here.

Credit: Anthony Cross,
Credit: Anthony Cross,

Additionally, for all you cool cats and kittens who go to, or went to, Colorado State...there's one for you too, courtesy of Barstool CSU. Personally, as a former Corbett resident, I see it as more of a 'Joe.' But, OK.

Many of Joe Exotic's tigers now live in Colorado, see the story here.

Joe Exotic - 'I Saw a Tiger'

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