On a second Gilmore Girls-themed Some Like It Pop podcast, PopCrush editors and longtime GG fans Samantha Vincenty and Ali Szubiak dissect the love life of one Lorelai Gilmore. The raven-haired, motormouthed Gilmore mom is hilarious, intermittently wise, mercurial in her romantic choices and not always the best communicator (particularly with Luke Danes, but let's not get ahead of ourselves).

Topics discussed: Who's the best man for Lorelai? Who was the worst? Is it evil if we wish Taylor is gone from this earth forever (while we hope actor Michael Winters is thriving)? What do you think Max Medina is up to these days? Does Luke own any non-flannel clothing? Will he take his hat off in A Year In the Life? And what will those final four words be?

We'll find answers when Netflix unleashes all four A Year In the Life movies on November 25, but we wildly speculate above.

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