Now that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are parents, it makes sense that they would immediately receive unsolicited advice from Snooki. (MTV pays her for that now, you know.)

When we last saw 'Snooki's Celebaby Report,' she was telling Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose things like, “Your aroma is going to be poop always, so get used to it.” And her bot mots for Channing and Jenna aren't much different -- Snooki advises the couple to prepare for a baby who will "literally be pooping and peeing itself nonstop."

Literally nonstop, Snook? Sounds like a serious medical issue.

Other helpful tips include advising Channing to try not to crush the baby's skull with his enormous hands, and a strange interlude about the baby's lady bits. And speaking of lady bits, Snooki also recommends the 'Magic Mike' star forget about sex for a while to “give [Jenna's] sore vag some time to heal.”

Joking aside, most of Snooki's advice isn't half bad, and it's probably better than the wisdom people would get from other MTV moms. Still, it's disappointing that she didn't explain how to convert an old vodka bottle into a sippy cup.

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