You probably already know my disdain for just about everything related to “Jersey Shore,” but Snooki is making headlines again. This time for spouting off her advice to students at Rutgers University and charging the school more than a Nobel Prize winning author to do so.


Parents of Rutgers students are outraged (rightfully so in my book) that the school paid "Jersey Shore" star, Snooki, $32,000 to give a campus talk last week. Just for comparison’s sake, the school is paying this party girl $2,000 more than they are paying  Nobel-prize winning author Tonie Morrison to speak for this year’s commencement address.

Let’s put this in perspective. Rutgers is not a cheap school. If you send a student there with tuition, room and board you’re looking at spending over $23,000 a year. Now the school is spending every dime of that, plus another $10,000 so they can have this ill-mannered socialite come talk to students for a few hours.

Did Snooki have any good advice for the 2,000 plus students that came for her two Q&A sessions? According to the NY Post she talked about such world-changing things as,

“When you’re tan, you feel better about yourself,” and "Study hard, but party harder.”

That is the advice she was had.  And she was paid more than most of us make in a year to give it. Kind of makes you sick doesn't it?

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