'Cooking more' was number one on my list of New Year's resolutions, but let's be real, it's not happening. I realized this last night after taking one look at my empty fridge...I just don't know how to grocery shop.

Even when I do, I find I'm making the same five meals over and over again: spaghetti, Hamburger Helper, a chicken salad, salmon and potatoes, and the pre-cooked pasta you get in those bags.

That's on a good week, too. Usually what I end up doing is coming home from a long day and ordering delivery, because my lazy butt is too tired to put a mess of pasta together.

So, are meal kits my answer?

This is absolutely not an ad-- this is a CRY FOR HELP. The number one worst habit I have-- not just health-wise, but financially as well-- is the fact that I'm always ordering out. In the morning, when I'm scrambling for something for breakfast, a lot of times it's just easier to stop at McDonald's on the way for a delish egg mcmuffin.

Instead of spending all this money on delivery, though, isn't it just easier to try one of these?

This is where I reach out to my audience-- have you tried a meal delivery service? If so, which one, and is it worth the money?

Let's get my New Year's Resolution off the ground, once and for all.