I know, right? Not the headline you were expecting.

As someone who's been casually dating for a while now-- no serious relationships since 2018-- you'd think that Valentine's Day would creep on me like an ex's selfie. Unwelcome, unwarranted, and yeah, unfollowed.

There's been a shift on social media, though.

All of my feeds are covered by celebrities advocating spending Valentine's Day alone and practicing self-care, watching your favorite movies, ordering your favorite food, and just doing you. Celebs like Jonathan Van Ness (below) say "Don’t let yourself feel some kind of way; we all know comparison is that gurl doing the most while doing the least", and baby, it really is the truth.

Even influencers who have been in a relationship for a while-- maybe even some who are married-- are getting real about the unrealistic expectations of this holiday and how it can really send some over the edge. Forget the red and pink heart decorations at work and focus on what Steffy says below: "The day is what you make of it, so if that means ordering your favorite delivery solo, seeing a chick flick with friends, or making your kids feel extra special, then enjoy that! The grass is always greener, and social media isn't real life!"

A reminder all of us could use sometimes.

All of this self-love and support from social media makes it sting less when I see a gorgeous couple making out on my feeds-- looking at you, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse-- and I'm loving that 2019 means embracing every single kind of love this Valentine's Day, including that of loving yourself....and performing witchcraft on your exes:

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